Tattoo Removal

Having the name of your first love tattooed across your chest may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but ten years later you may feel differently. The good news is that your unwanted tattoos can be removed using Q-Switched lasers.

At Cleo 777 we use the Nd: YAG laser to remove tattoos. These lasers emit wavelengths of light which is absorbed by the tattoo’s ink and causes it to break up. The ink is then removed naturally by the body’s own filtration system.

Is tattoo removal painful?

The process can cause a mild stinging sensation similar to having the skin flicked by an elastic band. If your tattoo is in a sensitive area then you may wish to numb the discomfort by using a topical anaesthetic. Your therapist can offer you guidance if you have any concerns.

Will I need many treatments?

The number of treatments you require depends on the size and quality of your tattoo. It may be possible to fade an amateur tattoo in under five treatments. However, a more elaborately coloured tattoo may require up to ten sessions before it is fully removed.

What can I expect afterwards?

Side effects can occur in some rare cases, such as changes to the skin’s pigmentation. However, this is usually only a temporary issue. If you are concerned about side effects or want to remove a large tattoo, then you may wish to patch test a smaller area before commencing with full removal.

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